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Message from President
Message from President
社長 上田勝弘"People" always play leading part.

Even if science and technology advance, "people" are basically the main part to product. Ultra-precision dies, mechanical parts, and all other products are produced by people with flexible and rich sense.

Again, it is "People" that have flexible and rich sense the machines or robots cannot imitate.

While aggressively introducing the latest machines, OSK also train engineers to have international vision. This is our philosophy. With unique device, OSK create attractive work environment everyone wants to devote his/her life time in and believe that era, battle of wits, is coming.

OSK believe that people-orientated management makes it possible to develop original technology and perfectly meet Users' needs.
We are determined never to disappoint you.

President Katsuhiro Ueda
Research & Development
Design & Manufacturing
Honeycomb catalyst mold
Products [Die]
Automotive electronics parts die
Consumer electronics parts, Gas devices, Blade parts
Laminated motor core die
Fine blanking die
Chip resistor circuit board die
Die parts (punch & die insert)
Products [Parts]
HDD parts
DVD parts
Blade parts
Automotive parts
Consumer electronics parts
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Message from President
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