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Design and Manufacturing technology
Design and Manufacturing technology
Design of dies - Bend forming
Design of progressive dies capable of complicated bend forming, for instance pins of wire harness, bus bar of connector terminal for automobiles.
Pin I
Pin II
Design of dies - Fine blanking
Various types of sheet material are available - metal, stainless, copper, aluminum, ceramic green sheet.
Minimum thickness is 0.0352mm (stainless foil); maximum is 8.0mm (metal sheet for fine blanking)
Stainless Used Steel foil (0.035mm)
Design of dies - Drawing forming
OSK's progressive and transfer dies are capable of squeezing forming such as cylinder, square cylinder and 3D forming as well as side surface hole processing.
Slit cutting
Drawing forming
Design of dies - High precision forging
For the purpose of substantial cost cut, OSK design plate forging progressive dies which can replace conventional cutting, molding, casting, sinter forming production.
High precision plate forging I
High precision plate forging II
Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
Possible to make fine holes φ0.1
Wire EDM
Possible to make fine shapes by using fine wire φ0.05
Wire cut
High Speed Machining Center
Reduce steps to produce by 3D grinding.
Profile Grinding
Guarantee parts accuracy by precision profile grinding
Profile grinding
Research & Development
Design & Manufacturing
Honeycomb catalyst mold
Products [Die]
Automotive electronics parts die
Consumer electronics parts, Gas devices, Blade parts
Laminated motor core die
Fine blanking die
Chip resistor circuit board die
Die parts (punch & die insert)
Products [Parts]
HDD parts
DVD parts
Blade parts
Automotive parts
Consumer electronics parts
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