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Automotive parts
Produce all precision accessory parts including electrical parts, parts for fuel, hydraulic parts, oil seal parts, bearing parts, and sensors.
Automotive parts
Name Terminal
Material C2800 tin
Thickness 0.3mm
Sales point Box-form bending - Folding bending
Name Diaphragm cover
Material SPCE
Thickness 0.6mm
Sales point Flatness of flange is less than 0.05mm
Comments Side cut in process of stamping
Name Electromagnetic yoke / Shift rock yoke
Material SPCE
Thickness 1.6mm
Sales point Tiered shape forming on the lower edge
Comments side cut in process of stamping
Name Fuel injection parts
Material SPCE
Thickness 0.8mm
Sales point Forming neck-shape in process of stamping
Comments no scratch in the neck shape
Name Shield shell
Material C2680
Thickness 0.4mm
Sales point Flatness of wide decentered flange is important
Name Lock parts for reclining seat
Material SAPH440
Thickness 2.3mm
Sales point Parellelism of four protruding on the out corner of the circle flang is imortant
Comments Deflection of the protruding portion from the center hub is important
Name Solenoid cover
Material SPCE
Thickness 2.2mm
Sales point Inner Diameter Tiered shape squeezing forming
Comments crushing process (bottom of parts)
Name Cooling fan
Material SPCC
Thickness 1.4mm
Sales point Angle of bending is important
Comments Tendency of deformation caused by centrifugally force due to the high rotation
Name Seat belt parts
Material S55C
Thickness 3.0mm
Sales point Material is hard and thick - hardness of products is consideration
Comments Chamfer forming of all the uncovered edge
Relay for Electric vehicle
Name Relay parts
Material SUS430
Thickness 2.0mm
Sales point Forging process
Comments Flatness Max. 0.05mm
Motor case
Name Motor housing
Material SUS430
Thickness 0.6mm
Sales point Dimension of inside diameter is important
Comments Abolition of lathe process of mouth edge
Name Motor housing
Material SECC
Thickness 1.0mm
Sales point Side cut in process of stamping
Comments Decrease of top thickness must be contained less than 50% in process of forming
Name Plate cover
Material SECD
Thickness 0.8mm
Sales point pin stand in the middle
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Automotive electronics parts die
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Automotive parts
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