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Quality & Environmental Policy
Quality & Environmental Policy
Quality Policy

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Environmental Policy

Ogaki Seiko Group realize that saving the environment is important theme and aim to contribute continuous development of society by producing stamping dies and parts, such as automotive/electronics, in Ogaki, well known as “capital of Aqua” because of rich underground water.

With slogan, "We protect the 21st century's nature," OSK engage in environmental protection and conservation of natural resource and energy.

Certificated with ISO14001, OSK manage environmental issue, following environmental management system we built and work on following activities.

(1) Always aware of the environmental aspects affected by our activities related to production, OSK continuously try to improve environmental management systems and promote the prevention of environmental pollution.
(2) OSK comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements and the other requirements related to business activities of our plant. Also, OSK properly manage to control the effect on the environment - air and water pollution, the noise and vibration.
(3) To achieve the environmental policy, OSK set environmental objectives and targets, disseminate the objectives and targets to all employees, promote environmental management, and "Environment Management Committee" review the targets and objectives and reset them if necessary.
(4) Promote following activities to have less impact on environment.
  • promote efficient operation of the power - the majority of energy consumption - and energy conservation by proper management
  • Reduce total waste generated in the plants
  • Reduce environmental impact through operational improvements and efficiencies

  • OSK disseminate our environmental policy to the public as well as all employees.

    Revised 1/24/2011
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