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Laminated motor core die
With material, silicon steel thickness of which is 0.5mm, OSK do design, produce, test-run, and ship. Products’ OD is φ100mm; total length of die is 1200mm.
Name Various laminated motor cores
Material Silicon steel
Thickness 0.35mm / 0.5mm
Sales point  
Comments Round & V caulking available

Laminated core die

Name Layered Yoke
Material Iron, Nickel magnetic alloy
Thickness 0.2mm
Sales point Have changed the construction method from sintering to stamping.
Comments Fine dowel caulking in tight width.
Name Iron core coil for Linear motor
Material Silicon steel
Thickness 0.5mm
Sales point Wing shape protrusions
Comments Flatness Max. 0.05mm (Both side surfaces)
Name Magnetic Core for Dot impact printer
Magnetic circuit parts
Material Silicon steel
Thickness 0.5mm
Sales point Changed process from Sintering → Stamped forming
Comments Different length at comb portion
Step shape at comb portion
Name Laminated (Stacked) Yoke plate
Material Fe+Ni alloy metal
Thickness 0.4mm
Sales point Smaller circle(inside) laminated in narrow space
Comments The slope of the lamination is unacceptable
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Automotive electronics parts die
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Laminated motor core die
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